Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More M.I.A. drama!

Call me prophetic, but without knowing that much about Lynn Hirschberg, the author of the NYT magazine profile on M.I.A., but it turns out the author didn't neutrally paint a portrait of M.I.A., she seems to have altered quotes - and in my opinion the worst thing she did - she fixed things in a way as to help support her point of M.I.A. being a string of contradictions between a rudeboy political rebel and a materialistic artist living a life of luxury. I'm specifically referring to the Truffle-covered French fry incident. This is pretty shitty if M.I.A. is telling the truth (which it seems like she is), so although some of the contradictions in Hirschbergy's article do strike me as worthy, her - and her piece's - credibility are forever tarnished. Too bad for what might have been a decent article...

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  1. totally agree, but have you tasted truffle-covered french fries?