Friday, May 28, 2010

Some music

All thanks to Lil Wayne pandora (the 2nd best next to the inimitable phoenix pandora)

Hip hop and rap (they are different)

T.I. - I'm Back New song from the King, who is apparently no longer behind bars. Tip's flow is expectedly solid, but what really makes this song is the beat, which is impeccable on T.I.'s hit songs. The recurring provide most of the melody, but notice the weird UFO sounds every once in a while, and the drum beat is noticeably T.I.-esque.

More Tip! Ride wit me I knew King was a great album, but sheepishly will admit that I hadn't listened to it thoroughly enough to catch this killer track. This one is a bit more laid back - something to listen to as you ride around in your tricked-out SUV in the suburbs - or even the hood, I guess. The synth that is so prominent on T.I.'s best tracks like "What you know" is infectious and catchy as hell.

For something a little more underground: Mos Def Sunshine I'm a bit baffled that pandora thought to include both Mos Def and T.I. on the playlist, but I think that says a lot about our Lord Weezy. Weezy has the mainstream cred to put out club songs like T.I., but his wordplay is creative (weird?) enough to be comparable to Mos. The New York MC is really on point on this one, and while the sample is infectious (strings once again provide much of the interest), Mos Def steals the show.


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